Testimonials & Lessons

“I originally applied for Social Security Disability on my own. The initial process was easy and the application on the website was user friendly. At the time, I was certain that I would be awarded my SSDI because my condition is degenerative. A few months after my initial filing I received a denial from the Social Security Administration. I filed for reconsideration on my own thinking that maybe I missed something the first time; as a result I added more descriptive details of my conditions within my appeal. Once again, I was denied. After the second denial, there seemed to be no chance for me to win. I felt broken down and I had no hope. I was at the hearing level when I hired Geri. I realized that there would be no way to win without an attorney. I was in it for the long haul and I was determined to win.

The hearing was a breeze. From the moment I hired Geri she began strategizing my case. She did such a great job that at the hearing the judge informed me that I won my case the same day.

Geri is always responsive. Even after winning the case, she continues to help me with back pay and payment issues, where someone else could have won and stopped representing me. I would use Geri again. She is professional and she cares about her clients.”

“I filed for SSDI on my own. When I filed I knew that I’d most likely get denied. I had been warned by my aunt that I would be denied once, twice or maybe even three times. Once I was at the hearing level my aunt referred me to Geri.

If someone were to ask me when to hire an attorney I would tell them to hire one after the first denial. Let the attorney do the work because receiving denial after denial is stressful and even more stressful when you are barely making ends meet.

The SSA does not take the time to explain the details when you are in their office. I felt at times that I was being rushed because of lack of resources on their end. After waiting hours to see someone, I felt rushed to answer the questions. I did not feel that I had the time to provide thoughtful responses. I left the office thinking that I left out so many things.

I would recommend Geri. I would not have won my case without her.”

“I learned about Geri through a friend of mine. He told me that she is very good so I called her. When I called her she was pleasant and listened to everything that I said. She did not rush me while I explained my situation to her. When I initially applied I had no source of income and I felt that I would win. I had lost my work due to an injury at work. At that time, I had no idea how hard it would be to win my case. Had I known how hard it would be to win I would have given up before starting the process. Mentally, at the time I was not together and every denial letter made me worse. There was no way that I could help myself and I felt like a fish out of water. I felt that dealing with SSA was a brick wall. I did everything that they asked me to do and it was never enough. When I contacted Geri I had already been denied twice. I was not mentally equipped to attend a hearing on my own. I had no choice but to hire an attorney. I would recommend that someone hire an attorney after the first denial. My thinking is that if you are denied once there is no question that they will deny you the rest of the way, unless you hire an attorney. I felt completely prepared for the hearing. The judge told me that I had won at the hearing and I did not believe it. I was so used to getting rejected that it took awhile for it to set in the I had won. I as so used to people saying ‘no’ or saying one thing and another thing happens. I had reached a point where I felt that no one cared and that I’d never receive an honest answer.”

“A single woman, I arrived in the United States with my two young sons in 1998. In 2001 a friend of mine referred me to Attorney Kahn. I was seeking asylum from India. She won my case and I was able to raise my sons as a single parent in the United States. It is now May 2013 and my oldest son just attended his citizenship oath ceremony and my youngest son and myself are attending our ceremonies in June. Both of my sons have now graduated High School and have a bright future in the United States. From day one, Geri listened to me. She understood how I felt and she never treated me like just another client. She cared about what happened to me and my sons future. Throughout my case she remained in constant contact with, returned all of my calls, and more recently prepared my family for our citizenship interviews. If you want an attorney that you can trust and who really cares about outcome of your case she is the person to go to.”